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  • macchan (Saturday, May 21 22 11:11 pm EDT)

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  • pastphi (Saturday, May 21 22 10:32 pm EDT)

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  • zebebrin (Friday, May 20 22 01:41 pm EDT)

    Yahoo Pal
    Yahoo Pal has been tested by our team on the following versions of Windows:






    User Rating:

    Share:’s new “Buzz” feature, which enables you to find and share anything “you love,” is a big step in the right direction for the popular social networking site as 6add127376 zebebrin

    For more precise testing, we suggest you take advantage of the live review option available on the application as soon as you are ready to install it.Mount Carmel student captures people with autism

    Kayla Ford is one of the tallest girls in her school. She also happens to be part of a special group — the school's Honor Society.

    In fact, Ford helped found the school's Wind Ensemble and her musical ability is one of the reasons behind her being head accepted into a. The number of tools and options is incredible, giving you a great choice for documenting everything.
    You can use it for your standard labs or you can add new tools, create new user accounts and modify existing ones easily.

    LabCollector is an application designed to help you manage and keep records of all your labs and related information. The application can be installed in parallel on different computers on your computer network and it acts as a server for you lab network. It can also be accessed through an. Keyboard controller provides an elegant solution for harmonization of any synth and sounds from there can be used as rolling presets, instruments, plugins, etc. Once programmed, a patch will be saved in your audio applications "Panes" along with your project folder path.

    Oscillator 1: Normal and Saturate
    Oscillator 2: Reverse, Wah, Double Saw
    Oscillator 3: Combo, Pulse, Square, Split 2and 3

  • anncla (Friday, May 20 22 12:58 pm EDT)

    M Explorer Locker was reviewed by Federico Guillen, last updated on May 25th, 2016

    Beware the Brainteaser - quoderat

    I've seen a lot of interesting challenges to do with USB connections. While
    you can connect to a USB, the protocol is used for. On the bright side, the free offer covers up some smaller defects on the disk such as scratches and debris.

    SPIP Photo Editor 2007 Download Download

    CameraCalc is software that lets you create a web resource containing a giant photo collection. You have tons of predefined choices including MP3 (music). These could be right for you, if you wish to post this huge collection in a photo album and people can add their own music and publish it to their own sites and online forums 6add127376 anncla

    It will show the key's label on the LCD screen in binary code 2 digits at a time. It is a great tool for Windows and Unix-like operating systems. Thanks to developer Sy Gummer, you can use this utility whether your computer has an numpad or not. Windows users can just download the executable version below and launch it from within the 'Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options'. Linux users will need to download and compile a C program and then run the binary file. Features:

    Supported microcontroller (and clones)

    Code completion

    Common case statements

    Supports compiled languages like C, C++, ObjC, Swift

    Scripting languages like Bash, PowerShell

    ... and many others

    Offline database to save all your data

    Searchable code for quick navigation

    Portable software - can be used on any Windows computer

    Version 4.0 includes many new features. It still supports compiling from the original

  • whypen (Friday, May 20 22 12:14 pm EDT)

    It is useful to users who want to keep their computer activity unnoticed with a view to running games without wearing CD/DVDs. However, it should not be considered as a game-playing emulator, since it does not emulate any game but provides easy help to do so.
    If you have an interest in how the application works, you can visit its web page at and download archive file (apk). This is a 6add127376 whypen

    more infodownload

    Show Codesearcher is a database software with rich report functions, allowing you to produce rich reports of your database. The utility lets you query your database's structures (tables and files), then display the data in table and graph form. Other utility features in the application include the ability to write reports and links to content in other sites in the form of a map. Each used module is easy to use, resulting in the application being very easy to set up and. You’ll get these features for a reasonable price.


    A highly organized code editor

    A selection of different and easy to use tips and hints

    A simple to use simulator

    A backplot view that allows you to verify results

    A debugger that helps you find programming mistakes


    Some features may require a certain skill

    A complicated interface

    What is GWizard: G-Code Editor

    GWizard: G-Code

  • banjwam (Friday, May 20 22 11:38 am EDT)

    In addition, it's very easy to use and comes with a built-in web UI to assist configuring the proxy.

    How it works
    There are 2 projects that you need to download:


    Reference: quiqly_proxy
    1. Installing on Debian/Ubuntu
    Quiqly Proxy Mode is a prerequisite to install Quiqly Internet Proxy, as the original uPyton client can. A fully featured app for notebook battery life monitoring
    Battery Logger puts a lot of personalization options at your disposal and it's well organized.
    You can set and save your preferred settings, so if necessary you can configure your PC just to your liking. The app does a good job at monitoring the battery's reserve, since it's the usual time of disposal or low capacity in a battery event that determines the app's accuracy.
    The main configuration panel gives you access to all the data. Author Bio:uXk3tY


    If you want to enrich your image collection based on a theme but what you have in mind is difficult to describe, you could use another photo as a starting point. For that, you need to carry out a reverse image search with the help of a dedicated software solution.
    NooBox for Chrome is a browser extension that can do just that for you, letting you find images similar to any photo you may store 6add127376 banjwam

    ■ Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
    ■ Only DOS Bourne type shell text files supported.
    ■ Create a new text file and a sub program (or edit an existing file and sub program)
    (Note: This is not a full code editor)
    CNCE. Immediate versus delayed amalgam placement.
    Based on the results of an experimental study, the authors examined the clinical validity of a recommendation by the American Dental Association that retreatment be immediately followed by placement of new amalgam restorations if first-time amalgam restorations fail. Retreatment was delayed in 1140 restorations: 440 in 1880 teeth in 53 symptomatic subjects. The mean time to retreatment was 29 months and the mean time to recall was 33 months.

  • oliemm (Friday, May 20 22 11:00 am EDT)

    Reporting: Upon a security event, a report about the event is included in the record that is offered.
    Rights management: each user/group can have their own settings (read only rights) and work in the context of a server without Internet. Ability to record and playback with different permissions.
    Easy to use for novice users and professionals alike, by using a tree menu and a diagram-like interface.

    Password Compare Pro 12.5 - The Password Compare Pro application is an. BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC.NET is divided into four sections: COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, BASIC, DATABASE, and GRAPHICS. It is structured to progress from the "why" questions to the "how" questions. In addition, the tutorials include a variety of other helpful topics, such as Windows 2000, digital electronics, and book reviews. For example, many software ideas and tips are presented at the end of each section and then the notes are 6add127376 oliemm

    Documentation (English):

    The Cherokee Language Machine Translator is a free software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In order to translate, the user needs to download a text file and specify one or more languages.
    Those languages are then mapped to the user's native language (select box). Once the languages are specified, the user can add texts in the first language and the translations for Cherokee are generated.
    This includes the syllabification of words, sentences. Kagome's bonsai collection management software is based on the head-start it offers to help you to organize your bonsai collection:

    Create a tree name, pot name and phone number.
    Management of events (trees are working, diseased etc).
    Management of pictures (resize, move, add etc..).
    Interactive tree browsing.
    Batch creation of events and pictures.

    As your trees grow and develop, it offer you. Here are some key features:

    WiX: Create simple and complex projects with rich authoring behavior.
    Binder: Create SQL database and IIS website installers.
    Compiler and patches: Prepare files for the final deployment.
    Extensions: Find documentation, tutorials, code snippets and presentations.
    Visual Studio Add-ins: Create and edit software projects, enable source navigation and create WiX packages and websites using integrated tools.
    Modular archiving: View and

  • perckail (Friday, May 20 22 10:20 am EDT)

    VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter is a neat software solution that allows you to recognize text from images by OCR, merge TIFF files, it also helps you merge and split PDF documents.
    Final words
    It's a neat and affordable application, however, you will need some additional tools for PDF splitting and Splitting PDF documents.

    Key Features
    · Recognize text from images
    · Recognize text from multiple images
    · Set font type, font colors for the text 6add127376 perckail

    Summarizing, Klaok is an average application, but it has everything that you will need to create fun and interesting videos. It is easy to use and save, but it does not implement standard and very useful features. With a couple of updates, Klaok could be even more useful.
    Easy to use
    Multiple codecs (AVI, MP3, MOV, MKV)
    Records a video
    Supports browsing, metadata, subtitles, folder. Advantages of FolderClone PRO 10.2 and previous versions * Backing up data when using Windows 10* Backing up to USB drive* Setting backup schedule in the application* Configuring backup frequency, size and time* Adjusting disk quota* Filtering out local and personal files* FolderClone can work only with one source and one target in a selected location in FolderClone PRO
    Download FolderClone PRO 10.2 now!
    What is new in Folder

  • gilney (Friday, May 20 22 09:40 am EDT)

    This application receive 2.4 Millions of list of cricket scores in android market. But we recently received a huge number of search queries and tracking from IP based website users to password stored users. So we have decided to take every protection to block IP address based tracking by using IP address and Rank number based protection for every search related activity. Both are working fine for a large number of users with mobile data. However if you have low mobile data plan then there may be sometimes you may 6add127376 gilney

    Regardless of how you feel about it, you still have to believe in the Epic ecosystem. Going by all the pre-games they introduced to players last year as well as all the new games coming up, you know you're in for a good experience.

    Legendary Ladies, today is E3, and what a follow up to the E3 back when it all changed. This year is shaping up to be less about the games and more about the companies behind them. Sony, Microsoft and. You do not have to be an expert computer scientist to utilize the program’s features effectively. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the interface and setup the desired settings.
    If you would like to take part in top-rated surveys, you should pay some attention to Prizm Pro. With PRIZM's latest survey offer, that's a chance to get rewarded for giving your opinion on different topics. Simply visit

  • raesbea (Friday, May 20 22 09:03 am EDT)

    Some of those features are: -
    - Comparable MapView Class: exported and imported "map views" are set equal to each other (e.g. for comparison and navigation in the editor)
    - Comparable Maps Class: created "maps" are set equal to each other (e.g. for comparison and navigation in the editor)
    - Comparable Paths Class: created "paths" are set equal to each other (e.g. for comparison and navigation. ■ 400 million Dollar No Limit
    Please visit for a list of real estate investors looking for motivated sellers!
    Partners Find A Property Manager!

    The EffectiveReal Estate Investor 6add127376 raesbea

    Download TuneSleeve (link) to your PC!

    is an Italian underground rock and heavy metal band.
    Their musical style ranges from melodic / progressive rock to heavy metal, and from folk / indietronica to doom. The band gives a great attention to detail due to the chaotic and complex compositions, and the spontaneous creation of a crowd of songs, an unique style in a scene where many bands offer nothing but apparent. Hear my voice and see 3D medieval castle with this screensaver for Google Nexus
    With Ancient Castle 3D Screensaver, it feels as though you are in a different place and time.
    There is a real sense of the past in the 3D form. It is quite amazing to look at the way ruins are turned into a 3D world, and it’s a superb example of how amazing this form of animation is.
    You can place your cursor near the 3. Nothing is said of how to work with Weltenschaft itself, though. This program needs to be updated more to work with modern operating systems. Weltenschaft is available in English and several European languages as of writing.

    The Internet is a place where people come together to share knowledge and discuss things, both about the more serious things in life, like global politics and economics, and also the more mundane things, like movie gossip and YouTube videos. News articles have always been

  • raesbea (Friday, May 20 22 09:01 am EDT)

    If it did not work for your files, you might have to consider alternative methods in order to get your files back. Get specific help at, which offers free self-support for a certain period of time every month.

    ]]>Duke is an application seemingly considered mundane by users, but which has developed a well-deserved reputation as the preferred solution for mass bridging attacks. Its capabilities include all basic functions a bridge requires, from the creation to the configuration. Features:

    Compact and fast.

    Support of any type of files.

    Support of the following file types: pst, lwp, xls, doc, vdi, zip.

    Support of your drives, including CD-ROMs, SCSI, hard drives, network drives.

    Copy files of any type from damaged media (broken CD/DVD).

    Support of your drives, including CD-ROMs, SCSI, hard drives. It is intended for ASUS video card users who wish to perform a quick and simple tweaking before encoding or streaming a movie, without worrying about harming their graphic card.
    More information can be found at the developer website, at the description (Which is located at the end of the download section).
    You can get ASUS Tweaking Utility at an adequate price.
    This file can be used from any of your ASUS video card modules: there is a Full Performance version, a High Performance one, and 6add127376 raesbea

    And using the pre-defined scales, you can adjust your tuning based on the book eddic.And the fun comes with the pre-defined patterns you can play to apply your own custom tuning.

    The Arp Multifunction Controller (AMP) is an excellent small instrument controller that covers MIDI, CV/Gate and Thru-Zero modulation of CV/Gate.
    Sound is generated by a low power digitally controlled oscillator, which provides a wide bandwidth and fine pitch control. period
    ■ You can use 5 input vectors (An 1 x 4 array) and network with 2 hidden layer topology.
    ■ No more than 10 inputs and 10 outputs may be used at a time.
    ■ No more than 16 hidden layers may be used.
    ■ No more than 20,000 training samples may be used.
    ■ Only linear regression model may be used. Neural networks can only be used for classification.

  • yesikar (Friday, May 20 22 07:46 am EDT)

    version 1.1 or later

    myBPMMixer is a tool that lets you set MP3 tags, such as ID3 genre, title, artist, album, year, track, and so on.
    ■ foobar2000 version 1.1 or later

    mySHOUT is a tool that lets you set SHOUTcast tags, such as Host, Port, Codec, Skin, and so on.
    ■ foobar. .NET Script/Application


    The author of this article, NikitChen is not
    in any way responsible for the use of any content present on this
    website. Do all the necessary precautions while using any
    option mentioned in this application.The content is for demo
    purposes only. It does not implement the security according to all
    safety precautions.All safety precautions should be taken before
    using this application. The author assumes no risk of any nature. It is not the most powerful software, but offers you all you need without considerably increasing your workload.

    It has got my interest, although I found the application to be a bit un-free. The market definitely needs a standalone calculator with extended capabilities. Looking forward to find out more about this.


    This website is not owned by or affiliated with Siemens AG or any of its subsidiaries.
    The official Siemens Canada and its divisions websites can be found on the 6add127376 yesikar


    Stored procedures written in Delphi programming environment are proven to save a lot of time when it comes to maintenance and development of business applications.
    And Delphi applications are good for web development because it provides the portal framework and the database-server functionality.

    ABNT is a state government agency charged with the oversight of Australian registered bodies in the area of biosecurity, biovigilance, and biomedical knowledge management.
    The ABNT would like. The application is available at a very affordable price.


    Lighttpd Web Server for Windows

    Plaisir Soft Limited




    Portable version of a Windows-based server web-page. Lighttpd acts as a Web server.


    SeleniumAll in one Headless Automated Testing Tool

    Zero-foot-print, free, cross-browser, powerful, clean

  • janfrem (Friday, May 20 22 05:46 am EDT)

    Audioro iPod Converter is a free iPod audio converter that converts audio files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD's so you can play them on your iPod using lots of neat tools.

    With this Solomonsoft iPod Converter you can convert video files from all popular video formats to iPod MP4, MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AMR, FLAC, OGG or other audio formats without loss of quality. You can choose the video quality. In any case, we believe that the simple mechanism that allows you to easily switch between Instagram's almost limitless themes is certainly worth a try.
    See at Chrome Web Store

    1 comment

    Apparently Instagram is buggy. For me, I'm working in a school with a lot of kids. But I never see any notifications. Why? If it's some biz problem, please, let it be known.
    { 6add127376 janfrem

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  • chaingv (Friday, May 20 22 05:13 am EDT)

    This application even provides its users with the tools to set up different profiles and save the combinations as soon as they are tested.
    BookWriter is a top quality publisher software for creating great-looking creative books in the reasonable priced. It allows you to drag and drop text, images, and objects and arrange them freely as you like. You can add special effects to objects, text, and lines to create a personalized book for each person.
    Easy-to-use yet a powerful application
    As 6add127376 chaingv

    There are certainly other similar applications on the market and although they have some of the same functionality, PhonePresenter is definitely more user-friendly. Besides, you do not have to install anything else on your mobile device – the utility is ready to run.
    The developer, Virtual Destino, also has the potential to add better tools in future releases and make it easier for you to manage documents and presentations on your smartphone.

    Samsun office presentation software
    Reviewed by francisco c. Available in 64-bit version.


    I figured you might be interested in one of my favorite tools for rapidly creating snippets to code 90% of my work: SharpKeys.

    Modules/Snippets System: You can create your own snippets as modules, or create a snippet that modifies text in the currently open document.
    Extra/Keybindings: You can configure your snippets as extra and map them to key bindings with a single keystroke.. InputMate Terminals V3.3.1
    InputMate Terminals is a solution for users looking for an extensive command line interface (CLI) with the possibility to use any keystroke combination with any applications, providing you with hotkeys for popular applications.
    The basic usage
    This program can be set up to let you use any virtual keyboard (by type-it-all) in any application and switch seamlessly between them. In addition, it allows you to benefit

  • dahljan (Friday, May 20 22 04:13 am EDT)


    Resetting the irrigation timer when you forget to turn off the irrigation timer?
    When you have to restart your Linux router?
    When you want to power cycle your router?

    How to do it?
    There are three ways which will work pretty well everytime:

    1- Manually Turn off the Router

    Open a terminal window in the console of your router.

    This is through the configuration tool or through the command line.
    You can go to the configuration page of the router by entering the following in console:

    ipconfig /all

    or. LockLoop is a mobile security application that helps you identify and manage your mobile devices.
    LockLoop unclogs your device, reveals whats hidden and protect your personal data.
    Fully customizable and configurable application that allows you to see whats on your mobile and identify its status.
    LockLoop can hold your private information and provides very accurate data privacy.
    LockLoop lets you track all of your devices including computers, tablets and even server.

    It's a local application that 6add127376 dahljan

     No controls of any kind. Click, point at the icon in Explorer, point at the gadget on the Start menu, point at the taskbar button. Simple and fast. Which is fine, but very little space to craft something useful, and the Vista sidebar space is limited. So lots of people got creative. 

    Four years later (in 2010), Vista sidebar gadgets are dead. The source patches are dead. The notebook patches are

  • vojcary (Friday, May 20 22 03:21 am EDT)

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